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DRIVE NOW Policy & Guidelines

To Access The Student Portal,
Just Click Name At The Top Of Our Webpage!

1. View all the remaining lessons for which you haven't made bookings yet.

2. Schedule and book remaining lessons.

3. Reschedule any lessons you know you won’t be able to make it to last minute.

4. All lessons are scheduled at the discretion of students.

We are happy to assist with scheduling adjustments once you've made an initial booking on our calendar.

However, please note that we do NOT schedule any new lessons through our back office. All new lesson bookings must be made directly through students calendar booking system. 

On The Day Of Your Lesson!

1. You will be notified 24 hours prior to your lesson. 

2. You will receive a message 30 minutes before your instructor arrives.

3. Your instructor will call you upon arrival.

(We provide the training vehicle identified by our custom student magnets.)

(Your instructor will pick you up and drop you off for each 90-minute lesson.)

(Please fill out short instructor review card following each lesson.)

(Reschedules our required 48 hours before lesson takes place.)

(Please refrain from booking more than one lesson within a single day.)

Secure Your Spot!


To secure your preferred time slots, we recommend booking your lessons in advance. This ensures your place in our program and demonstrates your commitment to your driving journey.

Refund Policy

 Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy:

Penalties only apply to rescheduling or cancellations made within 48 hours of booking. Refunds are processed specifically on the 15th of each month.



No penalty will be imposed. 
Lesson will be credited to student account for rescheduling.


The student will be required to pay the instructor's fee, and the lesson will not be credited to the student's account for rescheduling.
Any remaining amount/difference will be refunded following the completion of the final lesson of your package.

The student will be required to pay instructors fee, along with covering the full amount of the unattended lesson. 



Rescheduling will be waived, the lesson will be credited back to the student's account. 

The student will receive a complimentary 60-minute booking credit to their account.

The student will be fully refunded the total amount paid for either single session or full package, following our refund process guidelines.
You will also receive a free 60-minute complementary lesson with encouragement to give us one last try in the future! 


Our refund policy is designed to ensure a great experience for both our team and students. While we aim to accommodate our customers' needs, exceptions to our policy are considered on a case by case basis.

Stacked Tires
  • I Booked A Package And Need My Lessons Scheduled.
    A1: Bookings and lesson reservations can only be scheduled and generated by students! A2: To book any and all of your remaining lessons, you will need to visit the 90-Minute-Calendar assigned to your specific county. A3: You will receive an error message if you try to make any booking outside of your Servicing County. A4: All Package options are 90 minutes long for each lesson. Therefore, you will not be able to use the Single Day 60-Minute or 90-Minute calendar when booking. A5: All Bookings for Packages Will Need To Be Reserved On The 90-Minute Calendar!
  • What is the cost of lessons with Drive Now Florida, and are there any discounts available?
    A1: The standard lesson is 90 minutes in length at a rate of $50 per hour. However, we offer package deals to help you save: Bronze package saves you $5 per lesson. Silver package saves you $8 per lesson. Gold package saves you $15 per lesson!!! Packages provide a cost-effective way to prepare for your driver's license. 5% Active discount: (DRIVENOW)
  • What types of appointments can I schedule with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: DMV Road Test Preparation Lessons: Prepare for your DMV road test with our expert instructors to increase your chances of success. A2: First Time Driving Lessons: If you're a new driver, our lessons provide the knowledge and skills needed to start your driving journey confidently. A3: Anxiety Reduction Driving Lessons: Overcome driving anxiety with specialized lessons designed to build your self-assurance behind the wheel. A4: New Environment/New City Lessons: Get acquainted with your new surroundings or city with lessons that help you navigate and adapt to the area effectively. We're here to support you in achieving your driving goals. If you have any specific questions or require further information about these appointment types, please don't hesitate to contact us Via Email or Chat.
  • Will I Be Picked Up & Dropped Off At Home For each Lesson?
    A1: Yes, Our instructors offer the convenience of picking you up from your location and dropping you off after the lesson. A2: Furthermore, we will provide the training vehicle used for your lessons. All of our vehicles should be recognized and decorated with a pair of our Custom Student/Instructor Driving Emblem Magnets. A3: You are not limited to "At-Home" Pick-up Only. As long as you can be present to the address you provided promptly at time of our instructors arrival, any valid address within our servicing areas is acceptable.
  • What is the earliest or latest time I can schedule a lesson with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: Our lesson scheduling options vary and are first come, first serve! So please check our available dates and times on our website to find a time that suits your schedule.
  • I don't have a permit, and I want to get my license. What are my options with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: If you don't have a permit, we won't be able to host any of our training sessions that require a permit. A2: However, we can still assist you by providing a Training Vehicle for your DMV Road Test. This allows you to use our vehicle for your road test even if you don't have a permit.
  • Do I need my own vehicle for lessons with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: You don't need your own vehicle. We'll provide the training vehicles for your lessons unless you have a vehicle that's registered and insured that you'd like to use.
  • Do you provide at-work/school pickup or drop-off services?
    A1: Yes, we offer the convenience of at-work or school pickup and drop-off services. Our commitment to making your driving lessons accessible and hassle-free extends to accommodating your schedule, ensuring you have the flexibility you need.
  • How do I sign up and create an account for Drive Now Florida?
    A1: To get started with Drive Now Florida, simply visit our website and click at the top left of the screen to sign up and create an account. It's the first step in your journey towards obtaining your Florida driver's license.
  • What are the steps to schedule a lesson or plan with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: Scheduling your lessons or plans with Drive Now Florida is easy: Choose the lesson or plan that suits your needs. Make the payment securely on our website. Once you've completed your payment, you can schedule your lessons at your preferred dates and times. If you have a plan, you'll have the flexibility to choose your schedule using the 90 Minute calendar located on home page.
  • I Need A Vehicle For My DMV Road Test.
    A1: Schedule your DMV road test and send us a screenshot confirmation with your DMV Testing Site's Location/Time/Date back here to our Chat Box! You are allowed the option to upload images and documents to the Chat Box. A2: 2. We'll open our calendar for specific Date and Time for you to reserve a vehicle to use for your DMV Road Test. A3: We will then message you back via chat to inform you that availability has been granted for you. ______ A: No Pick-up or Drop-off Included for this service. You will need to manage your way to the DMV of your testing location and our Instructor will be there 10-15 Minutes Prior to your check-in time with all documents needed for your check-in. AA: No appointment reservations will be accepted within a 24 hour time period lead up to any reserved DMV testing times.
  • How can I reschedule or cancel a lesson with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: To reschedule or cancel a lesson, you can log into your account using the toolbar in the top left corner of our website. Simply sign in and access your account to make the necessary changes. Our system is designed to empower you to manage your lessons according to your needs. Please use this online tool to handle any rescheduling or cancellations as required.
  • How do I make a payment for my selected lesson or plan with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: Making a payment is simple. You can visit our website, select your preferred lesson or plan, and follow the secure payment process to complete your purchase. We do not accept in person or cash payments
  • What is the duration of each lesson with Drive Now Florida?
    A1:Our lessons typically last for 90 minutes. This duration allows for comprehensive instruction and practice. Although we do offer a single day 60 minute lesson for those looking for a quick review before taking the DMV Road Test.
  • Are your instructors certified and experienced?
    A1: Yes, our instructors are certified and experienced professionals. They all undergo extensive background checks for Federal criminal check/Local criminal check/DMVR check. Also, each instructor has completed 10 day training onboarding program and are trained to provide high-quality instruction and ensure your success.
  • Can I choose the instructor for my lessons, or is it assigned to me?
    You can request a specific instructor, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. However, instructor availability may vary based upon your neighborhood and location.
  • What if I need to contact Drive Now Florida for additional information or assistance?
    A1: You can reach out to us through our provided contact information or use our website's contact form. We are here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns. A2: We have a Direct Chat option with a usual quick response time. You can send us a direct email at or
  • Do you offer lessons for individuals with special needs or accommodations?
    A1: We are committed to providing inclusive instruction. Please inform us of any special needs or accommodations you require, and we will work to ensure a suitable learning experience.
  • Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my lesson or plan?
    A1: We have a refund policy in place. If you are not satisfied with your lesson, please reach out to us and we have no problem issuing refunds upon request. Refunds are initiated Friday morning's of each week and typically take 3-7 business days to arrive back into the same account and method used upon payment.
  • What documents do I need to bring for my lessons, particularly for the DMV Road Test preparation?
    A1:When you appear for your driving test, the driving test examiner will ask to see your learner’s permit if one was issued or identification. If not Real ID compliant, applicant must present Real ID required documents. If under 18 years old, your parent, guardian, or another responsible adult 21 years old or older must be present with their identification to certify that you have had 50 hours of driving experience; 10 of which must include nighttime driving. If such person cannot be present, Please give us a heads up so our instructor can sign off for the student at DMV office location. There is a fee of $6.25 for the initial road test. If you do not pass, you may schedule an appointment to attempt the road test on another day. Only one attempt is allowed per day. A $26.25 retake fee is charged for each subsequent attempt. Customers can also contact Florida Traffic Safety Council at 407-897-4451 or Aults Driver Education Center at (844) DL-TESTS to schedule a driving test.
  • Can parents or spouses ride along during lessons with Drive Now Florida?
    A1: We allow passenger ride alongs for the first scheduled lesson only! For the safety and focus of our students, we adhere to one-passenger lessons following the first lesson. This means only the student and the instructor will be present during the lesson. Our commitment to this policy is to provide a distraction-free, anxiety-free learning environment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the highest standards of safety and education. A2: Each of our Instructors has undergone rigorous training and a comprehensive onboarding process, including thorough evaluations of their personal background checks and driving history at both the State and Federal levels.
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