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Please Message Instructors Before Calling,
As They May Be On The Road Working With Another Student



DRIVE NOW Policy & Guidelines

To Access The Student Portal,
Just Click Name At The Top Of Our Webpage!

1. View all the remaining lessons for which you haven't made bookings yet.

2. Schedule and book remaining lessons.

3. Reschedule any lessons you know you won’t be able to make it to last minute.

4. All lessons are scheduled at the discretion of students.

While we're happy to assist with rescheduling once you've made a booking on the calendar, please note that we do NOT schedule any lessons through our back office.

On The Day Of Your Lesson!

1. We'll notify you 24hrs before each lesson.

2. You will receive a message 30 minutes before your instructor arrives.

3. Your instructor will call you upon arrival.

(We provide the training vehicle identified by our custom student magnets.)

(Your instructor will pick you up and drop you off for each 90-minute lesson.)

(Please fill out short instructor review card following each lesson.)

(Reschedules our required 48 hours before lesson takes place.)

(Please refrain from booking more than one lesson within a single day.)

Secure Your Spot!

To secure your preferred time slots, we recommend booking your lessons in advance. This ensures your place in our program and demonstrates your commitment to your driving journey.

Refund Policy

 Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy:
Penalties only apply to rescheduling or cancellations made within 48 hours of booking. Refunds are processed specifically on the 15th of each month. 


- 1st
No penalty will be imposed. 
Lesson will be credited to student account for rescheduling.

- 2nd
The student will be required to pay the instructor's fee, and the lesson will not be credited to the student's account for rescheduling.
Any remaining amount/difference will be refunded following the completion of the final lesson of your package.
- 3rd
The student will be required to pay instructors fee, along with covering the full amount of the unattended lesson. 


- 1st
Rescheduling will be waived, the lesson will be credited back to the student's account. 

- 2nd
The student will receive an complimentary 60-minute booking credit to their account.

- 3rd
The student will be fully refunded the total amount paid for either single session or full package, following our refund process guidelines.
You will also receive a free 60-minute complementary lesson with encouragement to give us one last try in the future! 


Our refund policy is designed to ensure a great experience for both our team and students. While we aim to accommodate our customers' needs, exceptions to our policy are considered case by case.

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